About Us - Pilates

Greetings, my name's Clarence Richards and its awesome to welcome you to my website. Surprisingly I'm really a carpenter by trade though I started having a go at making and designing websites roughly 13 years back. Quite a significant transformation it might seem having said that I slipped into it very easily and today it just seems to be "what I do". Whilst in some instances I build websites just for the challenge, I do of course in addition try to make a bit of income out of it (to pay for hosting, domain names etc). I should confess I find it a thrilling challenge, brainstorming strategies and putting them into practise.

I figure that I'm not the only guy to have gotten irritated when visiting sites to get frequent pop-ups trying to sell me crap I do not want and newsletters I would never look at, incessant adverts and promotions rammed in my face that has nothing to do with what I am trying to find, and additionally having to register or sign in to do almost anything at all on many websites. I would guess that you feel the same way once the resulting spam emails start to arrive and its necessary to invest your valuable time every day sending that junk to the waste bin?

Well, whilst you may find a little promotional material on this website, it is not jammed down your throat, you won't get any pop-up windows, you certainly will not be needing to register or logon and you will not receive any spammy emails or newsletters. This website isn't dynamic hence the content isn't going to keep moving around or take a lot of time to load up.

Basic, easy to use sites have invariably been my objective, containing content that is quick to load and which doesn't contain rubbish that you do not need or want. I hope I've accomplished this with this site and at the very least you have not been disappointed with your visit here, possibly you will even have took pleasure in the experience. If so then I have triumphed in my work.

I'm not a Pilates instructor myself so please do not contact me with any questions regarding booking Pilates classes.

I cannot endorse or recommend any individual service, I have purely provided a few strategies for locating one, the choice is in the end down to you.

I would love to to see you here once again soon and thanks yet again for visiting.